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The REGNO 2007 Conference in Rga

The 6th international REGNO 2007 conference will be held in Rga, Latvia on November 26 and 27. The conference is being organised by the Secretariat of Special Assignments Minister for Electronic Government Affairs of Latvia along with the Finnish Population Register.

The focus of the REGNO conference will be on basic national registers, and it will be an open forum.  REGNO conferences are held on a regular basis, and they are always events where people can discuss land, resident, property, company and address registers, along with new data dissemination technologies, effective client services, data protection, system security and the way in which information technologies affect societies.
The aim of REGNO conferences is to allow participants to exchange information about what is happening with basic registers and E-services in various countries.  Delegates also talk about this sector as a component in the future strategy of E-government.

REGNO 2007

At the REGNO 2006 conference it was concluded that an important issue for the REGNO 2007 conference would be the future of E-government and the ways in which it can be improved.  The development of public registers in the electronic environment is an important prerequisite to establish an efficient E-government system so as to improve the level of services offered to clients of government institutions, as well as to reduce the cost of doing so.
The primary issue here is to make sure that use of public registers is effective and makes easier the relationship between the state and its residents.  This is based on the compatibility of the various technological solutions that are used in registers semantic interoperability which ensures fully fledged opportunities for data extraction and exchange so as to improve the quality of E-services and to make it possible to plan for the merger of regional registers in the future.
One session of this years conference will speak to the reuse of public sector information.  Representatives of the businesses which deal with this issue will be on hand.  People from the IDABC (Interoperable Delivery of European E-government Services) will present a policy known as the European Interoperability Framework, also addressing the security issues which relate to the cross-border exchange of information.

Here are some of the presentations which are scheduled for this years conference:

Interoperability of electronic identification and mutual recognition of E-signatures among countries;
Electronically signed documents a new challenge for registers;
Latvias integrated state information system;
The land cadastre and the effects thereupon by the European Parliament and Council INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) directive;
The use of registers and sources of administrative data for statistical purposes such as the upcoming 2011 census;
Population registration in Finland;
Correlation and monitoring of basic residential migration data, new immigration laws in the EU, and the use of E-services in population registers;
Public-private partnership to provide high-quality E-services from registers;
National registers and the business of reuse of information similarities and interconnections;
The E-services of the State Revenue Service;
Issues and solutions for business registers;
The future of the Internet economy.

For more information about the REGNO conference:

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