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Latvenergo Focuses on New Clients in Telecommunications
No. 02, 2005
The state-owned Latvenergo company in Latvia predominantly offers electricity services, but beginning in 2003, the company expanded into the telecommunications sector, where it plans to offer services mostly to corporate clients in newly emerging segments. The company is looking at newly built housing villages, new office buildings, etc. It is not hoping to tempt away the clients of other companies, including the former fixed telecommunications monopolist Lattelekom.
Fighting SPAM in Lithuania
No. 01, 2005
It is hard to come up with a precise definition of SPAM, because there are various interpretations of one and the same phenomenon. The most frequent description of SPAM is that it is unsolicited or "junk" E-mail, sent out in large numbers without user consent. These are messages which people do not want to see in their mailboxes.
The Need for Pan-Baltic Network Services
No. 04, 2004
Network services such as VPN connections, server parks and LAN-to-LAN solutions are the next most important things which companies need after the obtain an Internet connection which covers the three Baltic States.
Clients Choose Price and Quality
No. 04, 2004
The Latvian utility company Latvenergo entered the market for telecommunications and data transmission quite recently, but in a short while it has proven itself as a serious competitor at the Baltic level. One of the company's advantages is that it can offer progressive services on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies. The administrator of the company's corporate network, Henriks Gzibovskis, talks about Latvenergo's experience in providing data transmission services and about the quality of those services.
Lattelekom Finds New Ways to Expand
No. 04, 2004
For a former state monopoly, the telecommunications services provider Lattelekom has done surprisingly well in re-branding itself, in reshuffling its activities and in bounding ahead in the country's telecommunications race.
GSM Virtual Service Operators in Estonia
No. 04, 2004
Three major GSM operators are fighting out in the Estonian mobile telecommunications market, but it appears that there is now room for other kinds of operators, too. In early November, the first virtual service operator Bravocom announced the brand name Zorro, and a few days later a separate EMT business unit called Diil followed suit.
Reasonable Rate of Return: A Criterion in E-Communications Regulatory Strategies Coordination
No. 04, 2004
Reasonable rate of return is a broadly recognised regulatory instrument which prevents entities with significant market power from abusing their situation. In this article, the authors seek to determine the reasonable rate of return in the E-communications markets of the three Baltic States, particularly emphasising fixed communications operators in the context of a broader geographical approach.
Major Web Sites Ignore Rules on Personal Data Protection
No. 04, 2004
Several laws in Estonia set restrictions on the processing of personal data in the Web environment and on the sale of goods and services in that environment. Other laws deal with issues of copyright. A study that was run by the DLL IT Law Institute sought to find out whether obligations concerning legal notification are being fulfilled by 50 major Web sites in Estonia.
Keynote Speech by H. E. Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President of Latvia, at the opening session of the IST 2004 Conference, The Hague, the Netherlands
No. 04, 2004
November 15th, 2004 (via videolink from Riga)
The 6th Baltic Sea Region Communications Forum
No. 03, 2004
On September 20 and 21, at the Reval Hotel Latvija in Rga, the Baltic Sea Region Communications Forum was held for the 6th year in a row. Some 130 people attended, amongst them telecommunications specialists from the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Russia and other European countries. During the forum, delegates discussed important issues about the current situation with telecommunications in the Baltic States and about the development of the sector in the future.
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