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Liberalization of the Latvian Telecommunications Market
No. 01, 1999
Over the last several years, the Latvian government has sought to improve the overall telecommunications climate in Latvia. On August 18, 1998, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new sector policy [1] in the field of telecommunications. Two cornerstones for further development of the telecommunications sector are the demand for general competition in the telecommunications service sphere, as well as the intention to privatize the telecommunications provider Lattelekom in the near term. Recent events in the sector -- the decision of the Telecommunications Tariffs Council to change telephone tariffs, as well as the decision of the Latvian Privatization Agency to complete the privatization of large state-owned companies in 1999 and 2000 -- have led to much dispute, and there have even been protest meetings. [4].
Laiks LNT: Television on the Internet
No. 01, 1999
The hour between 8:00 and 9:00 PM is a period during which a great many people in Latvia do one and the same thing: hundreds of thousands of families watch the evening news on Latvian State Television or Latvian Independent Television; this has become something of a ritual. Here we see the magical force of television. No other medium can provide such a sense of "being there" when it comes to events that are important to the country or to the world. Since February 1, some of this television magic has been transferred to the Internet. The home page allows anyone, at any time, to watch the news program of Latvian Independent Television (LNT).
Analyzing the Financial Reports of Telecommunications Organizations and Forecasting their Operations
No. 02, 1999
This article provides a brief look at the situation in the field of telecommunications in Latvia, focusing on the analysis of financial reports from telecommunications organizations and on forecasting their operations. The Latvian public telecommunications network operator Lattelekom is used as an example.
Liberalization of the Latvian Telecommunications Market: Three Possible Scenarios
No. 02, 1999
The basic objective of the telecommunications sector policy was has been adopted by the government of Latvia is to liberalize the Latvian telecommunications market. Issues which require consideration include the schedule for opening services to competition, as well as the licensing requirements that will be applied. Three possible schedules, as well as the major elements of licensing conditions, are presented in this paper. An estimation of the possible market shares of new entrants, legislative requirements in the sector, and market analyses - these are the basic issues to be considered.
The Next-Generation Service Infrastructure on an IP Platform
No. 02, 1999
In his article the author will elaborate upon the driving forces of convergence. He will look at impacts on markets and technologies. The 21st Century Network is, in its earliest phase, a network of co-existence for most incumbent carriers. It is a simple matter of the bottom line. Business cases will be mandatory.
The Information Haves and the Information Have-Nots Public Internet Access Points in Estonia
No. 03, 1999
This article focuses on the possible gap between information "haves" and information "have-nots" and the role which public Internet access points can play in equalizing the differences between these two groups in society.
Solutions for the Year 2000 Problem in Telecommunications
No. 03, 1999
Most of humanity is eagerly and happily anticipating the arrival of the year 2000. A new century! And a leap year, to boot. There are so many beliefs, predictions and fables about the year 2000, which was once so far off that it seemed that we would never get there. Now, when the year 2000 is upon us, we are still hearing about problems from wide soothsayers and scientists, but we are also dealing with a global problem that man himself has created. That is the Year 2000 problem that is afflicting the world's computer industry.
The Baltic Telecommunications Market Among the Most Promising in the World
No. 03, 1999
In Eastern Europe, development of telecommunications markets has occurred at world-record pace. That was one of the conclusions that was drawn from the international "Baltic Sea Communications Forum" conference that took place in Rga on September 28 and 29 of this year.
The Estonian Telephone Company During the Rise of the Information Society
No. 03, 1999
Estonian Telephone Company is the main provider of telecommunications infrastructure in Estonia playing also the leading role in most of the telecommunications service areas. In the middle of the nineties, though, the classical voice telephony service that is more than one hundred years old is about to give its way to other ways of communication. The social, technical and business environment has started to change faster than ever before leaving the traditional incumbent telecom operators with two basic options: whether to lose its leading role in the telecom services market or to change the way of operation they have practised for several decades.
The Latvian Telecommunications Association
No. 04, 1999
This article provides a look at the goals, areas of activity and missions of the Latvian Telecommunications Association.


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