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The Latvian Telecommunications Association
No. 04, 1999
This article provides a look at the goals, areas of activity and missions of the Latvian Telecommunications Association.
Telecom 99: Telecommunications, the Internet and Information Technologies Come Together
No. 04, 1999
A Review of the Quadrennial Telecommunications Event in Geneva and the Trends and Implications Thereof.
LTA Evaluates the Transitional Phase in Developing Latvia
No. 04, 1999
The period between 1993 and 2003 can be seen as the modern era of Latvian telecommunications. Technologically out-of-date telecommunications systems are being replaced with modern technologies, and companies are working under conditions of competition to develop these technologies. It is also a decade during which the main problem has been the monopoly status of Lattelekom a process that has both developed and hindered the development of variety in the telecommunications market and related services. The situation between 2000 and 2003 is forecast by the vice president and executive director of the Latvian Telecommunications Association, Dr. Jnis Lelis. His views were recorded by Laura Kalinka.
The Village Road Program: Developing Data Communications in Estonia
No. 04, 1999
At the beginning of this year, the target program "Village Road" was launched to help in the development of data communications in the rural areas of Estonia. The program is aimed at eliminating delays in creating data communications infrastructure in rural areas, as compared to cities. The primary task for the program is to set up on-line Internet connections at all of Estonia's local governments.
Public Internet Access Points Everyone has the Right to Information
No. 01, 2000
Is it right to prohibit someone from accessing information just because the person lives and works outside of a country's major cities, because the person has no skills in using modern information technologies, or simply because the person cannot afford an Internet connection? The Soros Foundation Latvia is convinced that everyone needs information, and everyone has the right to access it in order to learn good ideas, to learn and to achieve things. In order to help people in Latvia's regions to receive Internet connections and to use them skillfully in order to receive and send information and to engage in communications, the Soros Foundation Latvia has launched a project aimed at establishing public Internet access facilities.
Radio and Television in Lithuania
No. 01, 2000
The main activities and prospects of radio and television in Lithuania are represented in this article.
Mobile Communications Services in Lithuania
No. 01, 2000
The activity of GSM operators and the spectrum of telecommunication mobile services providing by them are produced in this article.
Lattelekom After Six Years of Operations
No. 02, 2000
Over the course of six years of operations between 1994 and 1999, the Latvian fixed telecommunications operator Lattelekom has made capital investments of Ls 307 million in the country's telecommunications system. Considerable progress has been made in many areas of the telecommunications system, and the demands of the modern Information Society are rapidly being met. Despite the slow pace of economic development in Latvia as a whole in 1999, Lattelekom had a successful year, and the company plans to develop further in 2000.
Prepaid Mobile Communications Services
No. 02, 2000
The author looks at prepaid services in the mobile communications industry, the challenges which are involved in these services, the expansion of prepaid services in the Baltic countries, the launch of these services in Latvia, market segmentation, pricing issues, the offering of other value added services, rationales behind the services and other issues.
Siemens We Make the Internet Mobile
No. 02, 2000
The article ir prepared based on Siemens AG strategic marketing materials and reviews the latest developments in the world of Internet and mobile services, considering them from the perspective of global business operations.
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