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The Baltic States Government Data Communication Network
No. 01, 1999
In June 1996, the member countries of the Baltic Council agreed on the need to establish a data exchange system at the national level for all three countries. Experience in other European countries showed that such information exchange systems are a very efficient way to fight criminals and economic violations, but the practical work needed to establish the network did not occur very quickly. In 1998, however, concrete results were reached. Information about the cooperation among the three countries, and about future ideas in establishing the network, is offered by the deputy director of the Latvian Transportation Ministry's Department of Informatics, Jnis Zelti. Since 1998 he has been the chairman of the supervisory committee of the Baltic States Government Data Communication Network.
The Second International Information Technologies and Telecommunications Conference Estonian Infoscape 1999
No. 02, 1999
The conference "Estonian Infoscape 1999" was held in Tallinn within the framework of the computer, telecommunications and office equipment fair "Computer '99" on April 23, 1999.
The Computer 99 Fair a Song Festival of New Technology
No. 02, 1999
The eighth computer, communications and office technology fair "Computer '99" was held at the Estonian Fair Center in Tallinn from April 22-24 of this year. The floor space booked by 148 exhibitors from Estonia and other countries was larger than 3,100 square meters. During three days, 16,300 people visited the fair, and two conferences were arranged within its framework.
The Baltic IT&T 99 Conference and Exhibition
No. 02, 1999
The Baltic IT&T '99 exhibition and conference, which took place at the end of April and the beginning of May in Rga, gathered a large number of participants and visitors both from the Baltic States and from other countries. The author, who is a Latvian living abroad, here describes his observations of the event and the most important elements of the proceeding as he sees them.
Estonia and the Y2K Problem
No. 03, 1999
The Year 2000 problem, or the "Millennium Bug", will be one of the most important concerns in the world during the second half of 1999. Estonia's concerns and advantages in this area are similar to those of the other Baltic States. In this paper the author looks at preparations that have been made at the governmental level in Estonia, as well as in various sectors of the country's infrastructure - banking, telecommunications, health care, etc. The view given is current as of July 1999.
A Common Vision for the Baltic Sea Region
No. 03, 1999
There are many different causes that separate countries and people, but there are also quite a few circumstances that can bring countries and people together. The geographic situation of a country is one such factor. Like colors on a palette, there are a number of countries that surround the Baltic Sea. Five of them -- Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Latvia -- in December 1998 joined a project called "Baltic Palette".
Memorandum of the Parliamentary Parties of the Republic of Lithuania and the InfoBalt Association on the Matter of Creating an Information Society in Lithuania
No. 04, 1999
The Social Democratic Party have signed this MEMORANDUM on the matter of creating an Information Society in Lithuania, and of developing developmental principles and urgent activity profiles of the Lithuanian Information Society, which are significant both for the Lithuanian Information Society and for most of the Lithuanian political parties. Done on October 25, 1999, at the Information Society '99 conference.
From Visions to Solutions: A Telecommunications and IT Forum in Parnu
No. 04, 1999
The telecommunications and information technology forum "From Visions to Solutions" was held for the first time in Prnu, Estonia, from September 23-24 of this year. Some 300 IT&T experts, representing more than 100 companies from Estonia and other countries, took part in this impressive event.
The International Conference Y2K in Estonia and its Neighboring Countries
No. 04, 1999
As part of Estonia's preparations for the arrival of the year 2000, an international conference, "Y2K in Estonia and its Neighboring Countries", was held on September 30 October 1, 1999, in Tallinn. Delegates attended from governmental organizations in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, as well as Estonia. The conference was organized by the Information Systems Department of Estonia's State Chancellery, together with the Estonian Information Technology Society.
The First International Information Society Conference '99
No. 04, 1999
The first International Information Society Conference '99 was held in Vilnius on October 25 and 26 of this year, and it turned out to be far more than an ordinary event. The conference was important not only in terms of the information technology sector, but also in helping to influence the entire way of life in Lithuania.


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