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10th Annual LIKTA Conference Held
No. 04, 2008
Information technologies must become more accessible for all businesses and residents in Latvia. The annual conference of the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA) is always the most important national ICT event of the year in Latvia. The conference which took place toward the end of 2008 was the 10th one in the series of events.
Foresight About ICT: From Visions to Solutions 2008
Lembi Ruubel, project manager, Summit LLC, Estonia
No. 04, 2008
The From Visions to Solutions forum took place for the 10th time in September 2008. This year the forum concentrated on the current economic situation in Estonia, as well as on lessons learned from Singapores ICT model. ICT services are a key area for the success of the private and public sector. Delegates heard about the best methods, tools and processes for designing and developing services.
The International Forum "Baltic IT&T 2008: eBaltics"
No. 02, 2008
Annual conference " Baltic IT&T 2008: eBaltics " is one of the most important ICT forums in the Baltic Sea Region. Major topics this year were qualitative education for all in the 21st century, innovative e-services for SMEs, growing ICT and CIOs role in organisation, security of internet and information systems and E-health.
CIO Must Become Business Leader
Madis Sassiad, CEO, FocusIT, Estonia
No. 04, 2007
In September 2007, for the ninth year in a row, some 400 IT and telecommunications professionals, most of them from the Baltic States and Nordic countries, gathered in the Estonian town of Prnu for the From Vision to Solutions conference The golden age of information and communications technologies is upon us. All organisations use ICT in their activities and work processes, some more, others less. Life is improving in the ICT world. Those who want to be more successful and efficient use ICT to ensure improvements in those areas. The 2007 conference From Vision to Solutions was devoted primarily to the changing role of the chief information officer. Delegates learned about devices and features of the future, about opportunities to expand business operations in the real or virtual world, about the source of new employees, and about new solutions which CIOs need in the changing world.
e-Estonia Conference 2008 "e-State New Horizons?"
No. 04, 2007
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, in cooperation with the e-Governance Academy of Estonia, is organising the conference "e-Government - New Horizons?". Conference will be held in Sokos Hotel Viru, on January 22nd.
The Latvian ICT Prize Platinum Mouse 2007 Awarded
No. 04, 2007
A ceremony to award the Latvian ICT prize known as the Platinum Mouse 2007 was organised during the 9th annual conference of the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA). Nearly 200 experts from the sector took part in the conference, which took place on November 29 at the Radisson SAS Daugava Hotel. The prize was presented by Ina Gudele, minister with special portfolio for E-governance, Astrda Burka, director of the Department of Commerce and Industry of the Economics Ministry, Karna Ptersone, deputy speaker of the Saeima, and Imants Freibergs, president of LIKTA.
International REGNO 2007 Conference
No. 04, 2007
The international REGNO 2007 conference was held on November 26 and 27, 2007, organised by the Secretariat of Special Assignments Minister for Electronic Government Affairs of Latvia and the Finnish Population Register Centre.
The REGNO 2007 Conference in Rga
No. 03, 2007
The 6th international REGNO 2007 conference will be held in Rga, Latvia on November 26 and 27. The conference is being organised by the Secretariat of Special Assignments Minister for Electronic Government Affairs of Latvia along with the Finnish Population Register.
The International Forum "Baltic IT&T 2007: eBaltics"
No. 04, 2006
The International Forum "Baltic IT&T 2007: eBaltics" Building effective partnership networks Riga, April 1820, 2007 Brief summary
Successful and Different: From Visions to Solutions in 2006
Tarieli Koppel, Web-based systems expert, partner, New Media Guru LLC
No. 03, 2006
The "From Visions to Solutions" forum took place for the 8th time this year. Organisers concentrated on companies which have succeeded because they have approached their business in a different way.


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